Senior Project

Senior Project


Cazenovia College | Spring 2019


For my senior creative project, I created Queer Conception: a brand / visual identity for a hypothetical fertility clinic that focuses toward helping LGBT couples become biological parents through a variety of fertility services. The process of becoming parents for members of the LGBT community can be a challenging, time-consuming, and costly experience that requires a devoted team with a variety of educational resources. This national clinic would tackle these challenges to provide couples with the best options toward entering parenthood.


The Logo

The Queer Conception Logo uses the pride colors in a forward moving circular fashion to resemble the process of fertilization or mitosis that occurs during conception. The expanding orbs represent the creation of life in an abstract manner. The typeface: Gilbert, is a friendly yet corporate styled font, dedicated after the creator of the rainbow pride flag, Gilbert Baker.

Brand Style Guide

In creating a cohesive brand identity for Queer Conception, I created a 20 page brand manual consisting of several factors to consider when communicating visually within the corporate structure. Examples of such material include the mission statement, logo integrity, typography, appropriate color palettes, corporate stationary, and staff attire/uniforms from lab coats to scrubs.


Integrated Campaign

Within this integrated advertising campaign, queer conception focuses on reaching their target demographic as well as others to create a norm behind gay parenting with the tagline, “Conceiving for Everyone.” The campaign consists of 6 advertisements including a magazine ad, pride parade “float,” social media advertisement, tv commercial, billboard, and shopping card ad.



Queer Conception is a full service brand that helps families continue building post-birth. These examples of merchandise show this ideology and further support as a piece of word of mouth advertising.


Queer Conception offers several educational resources to help ease the stress of family building for its patients. The below materials are examples of these resources created for the purposes of this project.



Interested in viewing the development of this project from conception to full execution? View my process book with the link below!


The following image showcases my senior gallery installation in the Reisman Hall Art Gallery at Cazenovia College. The exhibit showcased myself and 13 other graduating senior’s projects, personal branding, and portfolio pieces and exhibited from May 5-13, 2019.