Crosstrek Ad Campaign


2019 Subaru Crosstrek Ad Campaign

Subaru, a brand who has successfully promoted their love campaign for 10 years, has delivered a promise of not only loving their vehicles, but ensuring safety, satisfaction, and adventure with their All-Wheel-Drive Symmetrical Steering. With a new line of vehicles in 2019, Subaru has released its seventh line of annual Crosstrek’s. The demographic of this vehicle strongly targets itself toward the millennial generation, especially urban dwellers seeking adventure that this vehicle loves to challenge. Nevertheless, I developed this hypothetical campaign’s big idea of “Life is an Adventure…” to closely resemble that of “Adventure’s Out There!” from the famous Disney Pixar movie Up, which is also approaching its 10th anniversary since its release. Due to this movie coming out as the millennial cohort was in their younger years, and to the strong feelings that this movie and generation carries with nostalgia, I felt that hypothetically partnering Subaru and Disney Pixar for this partnered ad campaign would create a strong and cohesive line of advertisements.