Odor Eliminator

Logo Design  |  Package Design

Re-envision AirWash odor eliminator with a more concise visual identity that quickly communicates malodor removal technology while simultaneously highlighting its premium value.

Odor Eliminator Logo

–  1  –
The Tree shape and hexagon create a shield emblem to symbolize protective deodorizing technology being paired with a clean fragrance

–  2  –
A stylized arrow alludes to the act of minimizing or eliminating

Original AirWash Logo
New AirWash Logo

AirWash Technology
Once the primary mark for the odor eliminating sub-brand, this refreshed logo speaks on behalf of the technology that washes the air of pesty malodors. The decision to retain some form of the original mark allows consumers to recognize that while the packaging and visual identity has changed, the fragrance and formulation has not.

AirWash Original
Odor Eliminator

Updating the label design from white to silver with prominent Little Trees branding allows consumers to quickly establish the products identifying mark while evoking a high-end presence that better suits its premium price point and product benefit. The use of the varnished hexagon texture embodies the powerful dispersion of AirWash Technology deodorizing the air, leaving behind a truly great scent.

Odor Eliminator

Spray | 2021

AirWash Technology transforms, inhibits, and blocks malodors leaving behind a truly great scent.