The Moth


The Moth Re-Brand

The Moth is a non-profit organization based out of New York City that promotes the art form of storytelling. This re-brand reinvents the current organizations visual identity, merchandise, web design and event advertising. In The Moth’s mission statement, it is specified that they “honor and celebrate the diversity and commonalty of the human experience.” Therefore, this influenced my design of the moth to be a fingerprint, not only to show our uniqueness, but also to show our commonality that ultimately encompasses our shared experiences. The new logo reflects the idea of the human condition in which we are all similar in terms of our attributes while still possessing our own unique qualities. In terms of the CD packaging, I wanted to pull together this idea of the human condition along with the environment of a moth. As we once walked the land as freely as this creature, our experiences too are derived and shared in nature.

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