Owera Vineyards


Owera Vineyards: Wine Bottles

As an avid wine lover and being located on the gorgeous Cazenovia Lake over the past four years, I fortunately have learned of the beautiful Owera Vineyards winery. While their fermenting skills are exquisite, it is my belief that their packaging tastes are in need of a major update. As a brand, there should be a consistency from each variant of wines, whether sweet or dry, indicating that the wines come from the same winery. Instead, Owera currently only has subtle hints that an unfamiliar customer would simply oversee if they were encountering this brand of wine for the first time. Therefore, by taking these matters into consideration, I was able to creates a new line of wine labels that noticeably create a cohesive Owera brand by using consistent treatments with the logo and wordmark as well as slight shifts in color that associate with each flavor.

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